This section of the help file is broken down into numerous subsections depending on content matter. Every feature of this program is documented in this section, so by reading this you will have a complete picture of the capabilities of this program.

Section Description
Creating a Project Information on how to create a Scheduling Project.
Entering Project Data Walks you through the different methods and procedures necessary to enter the project date.
Scheduling Information on how to create and schedule games.
Printing Reports Walks you through printing reports using the Print Wizard and the other Print commands.
Generating and uploading the Project Website Information on creating the project website and storing it on a web server.
Running Custom Reports Documents some of the available reports, how to run them and save the output.
Authoring Custom Reports and Webpages Introduces you to the Custom Reports support included in this program and how to write your own.
Menus Documents all the available menu options and what actions they perform.
Document Views Information on the different files you can open with this program, and how to use their corresponding windows.
Toolbars Describes the different toolbars and their function.
Docking Windows Provides information on the different windows you can toggle on and off and how to use them.
Dialogs Documents all the dialogs and windows that can pop up while you are performing certain tasks.
Keyboard Shortcuts Lists the keyboard shortcuts available in the program.


Note: Some features described in this help file are only available in the Team Sports Scheduling System.